iLab Ergonomic Adjustable Standing Desk

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Product Uniqueness:

- Designed to transform any desk into a standing desk
- Helps improve focus, collaboration, productivity while boosting calorie burn
- Space-saving with vertical adjustments- Switch from sitting to standing with ease


Our Ergonomic standing desk is designed to transform any desk into a standing desk, which will help you improve your focus, enhance collaboration, and increase productivity while boosting calorie burn. This top selling Ergonomic standing desk lets you enjoy the various benefits of a standing desk without any changes to your current work-space and works as a safeguard against the health effects of a mundane workday.

The iLab Ergonomic standing desk has been engineered with the highest quality and will take only a small footprint in your office space. Adjusting the height of your desktop has been made effortless and fast, with a simple pull of the lever on the side. Thanks to a non-skid top, It can also keep your equipment securely in place. The solid steel that is used in the construction of this desk, makes this standing desk extra sturdy, as well as stable when adjusting the height. The two-leveled design helps your monitor and keyboard to stay in place at the optimum relative height, whether you are sitting or standing.

Product Details:

 Color Black
Material Metal
Dimensions 35.4" x 21.9"
Weight ~50 lbs  
Max Loading Capacity 50 lbs 
Adjusting Height 5.7" to 19.7"
Foldable Yes